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Rift’s Conquest

Being bored over the 4th of July, I decided to give Rift’s new PVP match “Conquest” a try. Having spent over a year playing Rift I’ve spent a good portion of my time doing PVP. Most of what Rift has to offer in PVP is fairly good. Lots of different maps and a few variants for a couple of them.

Conquest brings to the table 3 faction PVP. Something that players have been asking for in a game since Dark Age of Camelot. The match is set in Stillmoor and you pick one of 3 factions when you join. You are fighting alongside people from other Shards both both Defiant and Guardian.

Having only played two matches, I can’t go into the details of how to win, as I didn’t understand the mechanics of the match. I did feel kind of lost and just followed the Zerg around mindlessly capturing globe looking things, I can only assume to help gain points. My faction lost. Apparently this isn’t uncommon for this faction, which makes it sound like there may be some balance issues to work out on Trion’s part.

While I think it’s a nice attraction, and it seems to borrow a lot from WoW’s Wintergrasp and Tol Barad, in that matches happen on a timer. But the comparison for me ends there.

Picking a faction at the beginning of the match to me doesn’t feel right. Because our faction was losing so often, players will wait for the timer to open up the match and spam the winning faction, leaving everyone else to either wait in queue or get “stuck” with the bad faction.

All in all, I felt like it offered Rift players something new and interesting to play with complete with new currency (yet another currency). However, as someone who’s coming back to Rift just to try Conquest, I wasn’t completely impressed. After playing World vs. World in Guild Wars 2, this just felt small and and shoe-horned into the game. The factions didn’t seem to have any lore that felt like it fit in with the game and using an existing zone as a map really made it seem like Trion developed this quickly just to keep players interested in their game rather than play Guild Wars 2.

I’m certain that the bulk of the game’s Devs are working on Storm Legion, so new art and polish may be on hold for Rift until the Expansion comes out, I can only hope that they polish this up for the next version of their game and provide something that really does compete with GW2 in a meaningful way.


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