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Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend #2 Review

Like thousands of players around the internet, I engulfed myself into the second beta weekend of Guild Wars 2. This time, I was accompanied by some more friends and my wife. They’ve heard me talking about GW2 for months and heard me raving about the game since the first event. Naturally, they wanted me to shut up, so they decided to try it in order to see what I’m talking about. They all loved it.

I started the weekend playing my Norn Guardian. I ported over to Lion’s Arch and took some time to take in the sights. I ended my Tour of LA by taking a dive off the Skydive.

I went to the Charr area and helped my Wife quest in her zone. I was quite happy with the ability to quest in lower level zones with friends and get decent XP. I was 15 and gained 3 levels before moving on. Not great, but certainly not worthless.

I spent some time on an Elementalist. The feel of the Profession is similar to other “Mages” from other games, but being able to switch to different elements put a nice twist on things. You can literally cast a spell that goes on cooldown, swap elements and hit them with something that synergies with the last spell, etc.

I played a Warrior until 14, and I think I’m in love. I love a good melee class, but the ability to have a viable (and powerful) ranged build was there as well. I was able to kill mobs quickly and effectively, allowing me to level quite fast. I’ll probably be playing this in the next BWE and live.

Some things that still need some love with the game:

  • Gathering: Having to purchase stacks of one-time use tools isn’t a very elegant design. Having them break on you with no warning isn’t a good design. I’d rather spend some coin on a single tool that will last me until the next one is needed.
  • World vs. World: While I loved the battles and the strategy behind it, having a single waypoint to respawn at makes things very boring if you die someplace where it’s hard for others to revive you. Alternatively, I think they could put in Way points that teams can capture that would make for a fun twist on the strategy.

All in all, I had a blast. I really can’t see this game launching any earlier than September. We have at least one more beta weekend for bug testing, then I’d think at least a stress test to ensure those bugs were fixed. Give it about a month between and some time to go to press and get boxes to retailers and that puts this somewhere around September.

My only problem now is.. what do I do until then? Play TERA? I could, but as great as the game has been, it just feels like a poor substitute for GW2. And Diablo 3 gets old fast. Guess I’ll figure it out.


2 responses to “Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend #2 Review

  1. Syl June 14, 2012 at 2:23 am

    I had an equally good time this past weekend – that makes waiting for the next BWE all the worse ( I assume there will be 1-2).
    As for distractions until autumn, for me it will be Skyrim and things like the humble indie bundle. I do thank the good lord for Steam regularly! 😉

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