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Guild Wars 2 release date leaked?

Yesterday, reports around the net exploded with a potential release date of the much anticipated Guild Wars 2. According to the Fry’s retail advertisement, the game would be released by June 28th.

But how accurate is this information? If you ask me, it seems a little soon. While the game play and the environments seem polished from the Betas I have played personally, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done with the game engine. As of yesterday, the game engine was still not fully optimized. It still primarily ran on one core of your CPU for both game play and rendering and only a little on the GPU. Crossfire/SLI also not yet available.

These are not small fixes and will likely take more betas before we start to see real improvement. At the rate in which ArenaNet is going with their Beta Weekends, we should have one over Memorial Day Weekend (hopefully an extended weekend) and another just before the supposed release date. This leaves us with only two betas, maybe three if they squeeze one in right before the date (like TERA did with Open Beta). Hardly enough time to flesh out all the content and engine issues.

We have seen what releasing a game before it’s ready can do to a game with so much potential. A good example of this would be Age of Conan. The game was dubbed by Funcom and their fans, “The best MMO Ever created.” It released a whole 8 months ahead of schedule due to demand from it’s fans and criticism that it took too long on development. Within 2 months, the subscription numbers dropped to half, and PVP was largely the only thing that carried that game.

Even if I’m wary of the date, I can’t help but get excited about the prospect of playing this game every day in just over a month.


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