Relentless Gamers

Gamers without Remorse

New title for a new direction

I started this blog a year ago when I made the move from WoW to Rift. I posted a lot about the differences and my time exploring the game. I let it lapse when I got settled and for that I’m sorry. 

Since I no longer play Rift (at least not much), I figured I would re-purpose this blog to being about any and all MMOs I try and play. 

Right now that would be TERA and Guild Wars 2. For a short time, I did play SWTOR, but it was short lived and I didn’t stick with it and have since gave up after 1.2 came out. 

Also, since I do a lot of Steampunk related stuff, I will likely be posting a few items here and there that are related to Steampunk. Mostly within the topic of video games. I’ll leave the heavy Steampunk topics to another blog I’ll post elsewhere. 


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