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New title for a new direction

I started this blog a year ago when I made the move from WoW to Rift. I posted a lot about the differences and my time exploring the game. I let it lapse when I got settled and for that I’m sorry. 

Since I no longer play Rift (at least not much), I figured I would re-purpose this blog to being about any and all MMOs I try and play. 

Right now that would be TERA and Guild Wars 2. For a short time, I did play SWTOR, but it was short lived and I didn’t stick with it and have since gave up after 1.2 came out. 

Also, since I do a lot of Steampunk related stuff, I will likely be posting a few items here and there that are related to Steampunk. Mostly within the topic of video games. I’ll leave the heavy Steampunk topics to another blog I’ll post elsewhere. 


TERA Launch

I didn’t get to play TERA this weekend with everyone else at Despair since I was engrossed in the GW2 beta. I will say that I’m happy that TERA is finally coming out. It’s been a fun experience during beta and I’ll be playing it largely non-stop. 

The game has a fun gameplay that feels a lot like other action RPG style games, but in an MMO setting. Something I know has been done before, but this is my first experience with it. Having only played my current character in open beta he’s only 17. But with no real End Game just yet, there’s no huge rush to get to 60. 

Since battle grounds aren’t in the game right now I’ve not played any PVP yet. Not sure that I will. I love the combat, but for PVP it feels like it might be a bit clunky vs. other games I’ve played. 

This is going to be an amazing year for MMOs. I think with all the amazing games coming out this year I know that the MMO industry can finally grow past the WoW factor. 

Guild Wars 2 BWE impressions

The Guild Wars 2 beta was everything I had hoped it would be. I played around with the Thief, Engineer, Guardian, Warrior and Ranger. So far, I am really liking my Guardian and Ranger.

The game plays like a traditional MMO (unlike GW1 which was only an MMO when in cities). The questing system was fun and felt dynamic. There were static quests for you to go and do on the map. Just walk within the quest range and the quest activates with instructions. Then there’s the dynamic events that happen from time to time.

The game is free to play after you buy the game. To fund the games servers and development there’s a Cash Shop. They offer things like costumes, the ability to keep the stats from one item and the look of another. There’s also some XP bonus items that provide XP bonuses from killing monsters. This SOUNDS like a big bonus, but when you see how little XP you get from killing things, it’s not a huge deal. You can also trade in gems for gold. This wasn’t active yet, so I don’t know the exchange rate, so this could be game breaking or it could be really expensive. With as much thought as ArenaNet put into the other parts of the game, I imagine they will experiment on this and find a nice balance.

Didn’t get to PVP much (too engrossed in the beginning areas for the 3 races available at start). Leveling was slow for me, but I also spent a lot of time trying out the different classes to see what I want to spend time playing next time around.

All in all, I’m very impressed with the game and I’m torn on where my time will be spent. But without end game raids I’m not sure what I’ll be doing when I hit 80.