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Thoughts on Chloromancer in PVP

Having just started my new alt, a Chloromancer, I have to say I love the spec. The game play makes healing very fun, yet still very challenging.

However, in PVP my experience has been a mixed bag. Having started playing on a Warrior, I’m somewhat spoiled when it comes to PVP. Right now, Warriors are still doing a large amount of burst damage to just about everyone (other than tanks in plate).

Mages are too “squishy” in PVP. They tend to get one or two-shot by most warriors or locked down by pets, etc. That being one problem, but is likely by design. The real issue is with the UI and the players.

The User Interface

Being a healer in general in RIFT is painful right now. As it stands, the raid UI is terrible for us. Not only does it not show absolute values for HP, but fails to display dispellable items properly. The reason why Absolute values are important is so healers know which heal to use on which player. Too much or too little healing both come at a high cost. So knowing when to use which heal is important to effective healing. Luckily, Chloromancers dont have this issue for the most part. They only use Direct Heals when they need to.

Dispelling is a real chore in RIFT for everyone. Not seeing the debuff on a player in PVE or PVP could mean the difference of victory or defeat. If your top player starts to get killed more often due to a Dominator CCing them or a Warlock putting DOTs on them, removing the item quickly can be all-important.


Being a Chloromancer, to heal you, I have to be closer to the action. Normally a cleric can stand a little further back, placing your team between them and the bad guys. A Chloromancer needs to be within DPS range of the bad guys. So it’s easier to target us. That’s fine by design. However, this puts us in more danger. So it’s the job of either a) support souls or b) DPS souls to help keep the DPS from nuking us into oblivion.

This is not happening. At least not for me. Despite my giving my normal healer-macro saying “Hello, healer here. Help me, help you. Please keep the DPS off me, and I’ll help keep you alive. Thanks!” It seems that people in Warfronts haven’t done much PVP or simply don’t care enough if they’re in a pug to help. But considering the long queue times, you’d think they’d want to win. Far too often, I’ve seen people in all Warfronts run up and DPS instead of helping the lonely healer trying their best to keep them alive.

Trion did a good job of balancing the spec for Warfronts with the assumption that your pug (remember, no premades past 5 players) will work together well. Support classes keeping the dps under control so healers can heal, but with the way players are playing, we poor little mages can’t seem to catch a break. It’s sad when a boar come charging at me, and it’s all I can do to keep myself alive. It allows me to heal others, but really, I am in panic mode praying that some other DPS doesn’t join in to finish the job.


Give mages more survivability in PVP. No one wants to play a class that gets destroyed without much thought. If the game was played as designed, it wouldn’t be so bad, as it gives the support classes more to do. But right now, mages are just too squishy, and they need to either give us more tools, endurance or a means for less damage.


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