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Champion/Paragon/Vindicator @ 22

I’ve been leveling my warrior for a few days now, getting all the way up to 22 from Sat-Tues. The process has had me all over the place with specs and honestly I’ve had a varying degree of success between them. Most of my time is spent PVPing, so I’ll focus a little bit on that.

Currently I’m using the following spec:

I’m using Paragon for some of the added utility buffs and an extra reactive ability.

My strategy in Warfronts isn’t too complicated:

  • Bull rush > Bash > Leg Sweep > Rising Waterfall OR Frenzied Strikes > Inescapable Fury if you can > Punishing Strke / Death Blow

This is the basic order of things. In most cases, when DPSing a target down, I’ll do a variation of this order.  But there are other tools that are exceptionally handy to have in this build.

  • Stacking Way of the River with Slayer’s Blessing helps ensure that your crits will hit as hard as they can, which helps with burst damage on healers or other warriors with pocket healers hiding in the crowd.
  • Add in Strike Like Iron and it’s pretty certain you’ll come out on top in a 1v1 encounter.
  • Battlefield Intimidation clears the area of any unwanted help for your target for a second or two. This really helps if you have some Attack Points saved up for some burst.
  • Predictable Movements in tight situations where you need to get away. This is particularly helpful if your Bull Rush is on cooldown and you’re stuck in the middle of a melee assault and are likely going to die. This may buy you the couple of seconds you need.

Some other things I use here and there:

  • Thunderous Kick for when I want to knock someone back from chasing down the Fang holder in Black Garden.
  • Break Free for breaking CC’s is always a must.

Later (when I get home from work) I’ll post some of my macros I’ve been playing around with that help with burst damage.

Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!


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